Rationality: From AI to Zombies - The Podcast
Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?

Two people from Europe that wanted a podcast version of the sequences and noticed there wasn't a good free one available already. So we had to make one ourselves.

Didn't somebody else already do this?

Yes. There was a KickStarter to record the sequences. They raised 5000 Dollars and still expected you to pay for the files, though.
We couldn't let that stand! So we are making our own version wich is and always will be free.
(Also, when we started this project, that version was not readily available on the internet)

The files for the other audiobook have since been released by MIRI for (also for free), so you can pick whatever podcast you like better.

Will you finish the project anyway?

Yes, of course!

Is this an "official" audiobook?

No, this is strictly a fan project. We are not affiliated with MIRI, Eliezer or anyone, really. We just wanted there to be a free audio version of the book, so we made one. See above for a link to the official audiobook.

Did you ask Eliezer's permission, then?

Kinda-sorta. We wrote and tweeted to him, but Eliezer himself did not get back in touch with us. We went ahead anyway though since the book is licensed CC-BY-NC-SA and even though we are not copyright lawyers, we are pretty confident we meet all the conditions.

A little later, we did hear from Rob Bensinger, who originally compiled the book from the sequences and wrote the introductions. He also works at MIRI and gave us the okay to continue as long as we make it obvious that this project is not officially associated with MIRI. MIRI itself has since then referenced our podcast on their social media outlets, so we assume we're in the clear.

I found an editing mistake, should I tell you?

Yes! Please drop us a line via mail or on twitter, we'll be happy to re-edit.

Are you getting paid to do this?

No. We neither demand payment nor do we accept donations. If you have some extra money to spend, we recommend the charity GiveWell. If we ever do get any money (from ads we can't turn off or mysterious envelopes on our doorstep or whatever) it will go straight there.
But we would be thrilled to hear that you made a donation in our name.

What is up with your accents?

It's a mystery. Well, not so much a mystery as what happens when people learn British English in Germany, spend some time in Ireland and New Zealand and also consume a lot of movies from the US.

We love you!

That really wasn't a question, but thanks. :)

We hate you!

That also wasn't a question. But thanks. :/

I want to read the book myself, where can I get it?

You can get the ebook for yourself either from MIRI (Eliezer's employer) for pay-what-you-want (with a minimum of 0.00$) or from Amazon for 5ish bucks.

There's currently no print version. The pagecount of the book exceeds that of Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and The Silmarillion combined, so a tome of everything would probably be quite sizable and pretty expensive. We do not know if MIRI plans to ever release a print version.

For the moment, ebook and audiobook will have to suffice.

What's the music that you are using?

The intro/outro music is Finding the Balance (CC-BY) by the awesome Kevin MacLeod. He also did most of the music we use in-episode. Check him out.

What software/hardware do you use?

We use Reaper and Audacity for editing and the aptly named mp3tag for tagging our mp3s.

Walter has a Røde NT-USB mic and James uses an AT4040 with a Line6 UX2 preamp. Any impurities still in the audios are due to our amateur skills, not our tools.

Sweet Logo! Did you do that yourself?

Only the easy parts. We took the zombie from openclipart.org (another cool site!). It was released into the Public Domain by user cliparteles. The writing was slapped on by James with the GIMP.