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Book Part Chapter
Rationality: From AI to Zombies -- Preface
Book One:
Map and Territory
Biases: An Introduction
By Rob Bensinger
Part A:
Predictably Wrong
001: What Do I Mean By "Rationality"?
002: Feeling Rational
003: Why Truth? And...
004: ... What's a Bias, Again?
005: Availability
006: Burdensome Details
007: Planning Fallacy
008: Illusion of Transparency
009: Expecting Short Inferential Distances
010: The Lens That Sees Its Own Flaws
Part B:
Fake Beliefs
011: Making Beliefs Pay Rent
012: A Fable of Science and Politics
013: Belief in Belief
014: Bayesian Judo
015: Pretending to be Wise
016: Religion's Claim to be Non-Disprovable
017: Professing and Cheering
018: Belief as Attire
019: Applause Lights
Part C:
Noticing Confusion
020: Focus Your Uncertainty
021: What Is Evidence?
022: Scientific Evidence, Legal Evidence, Rational Evidence
023: How Much Evidence Does It Take?
024: Einstein’s Arrogance
025: Occam’s Razor
026: Your Strength as a Rationalist
027: Absence of Evidence Is Evidence of Absence
028: Conservation of Expected Evidence
029: Hindsight Devalues Science
Part D:
Mysterious Answers
030: Fake Explanations
031: Guessing the Teacher’s Password
032: Science as Attire
033: Fake Causality
034: Semantic Stopsigns
035: Mysterious Answers to Mysterious Questions
036: The Futility of Emergence
037: Say Not "Complexity"
038: Positive Bias: Look into the Dark
039: Lawful Uncertainty
040: My Wild and Reckless Youth
041: Failing to Learn from History
042: Making History Available
043: Explain/Worship/Ignore?
044: "Science" as Curiosity-Stopper
045: Truly Part of You
Interlude: The Simple Truth
Book Two:
How to Actually
Change Your Mind
Rationality: An Introduction
By Rob Bensinger
Part E:
Overly Convenient Excuses
046: The Proper Use of Humility
047: The Third Alternative
048: Lotteries: A Waste of Hope
049: New Improved Lottery
050: But There’s Still a Chance, Right?
051: The Fallacy of Gray
052: Absolute Authority
053: How to Convince Me That 2 + 2 = 3
054: Infinite Certainty (+ Bonus Minisode)
055: 0 And 1 Are Not Probabilities
056: Your Rationality Is My Business
Part F:
Politics and Rationality
057: Politics is the Mind-Killer
058: Policy Debates Should Not Appear One-Sided
059: The Scales of Justice, the Notebook of Rationality
060: Correspondence Bias
061: Are Your Enemies Innately Evil?
062: Reversed Stupidity Is Not Intelligence
063: Argument Screens Off Authority
064: Hug the Query
065: Rationality and the English Language
066: Human Evil and Muddled Thinking
Part G:
Against Rationalization
067: Knowing About Biases Can Hurt People
068: Update Yourself Incrementally
069: One Argument Against An Army
070: The Bottom Line
071: What Evidence Filtered Evidence?
072: Rationalization
073: A Rational Argument
074: Avoiding Your Belief’s Real Weak Points
075: Motivated Stopping and Motivated Continuation
076: Fake Justification
077: Is That Your True Rejection?
078: Entangled Truths, Contagious Lies
079: Of Lies and Black Swan Blowups
080: Dark Side Epistemology
Part H:
Against Doublethink
081: Singlethink
082: Doublethink (Choosing to be Biased)
083: No, Really, I've Deceived Myself
084: Belief in Self-Deception
085: Moore’s Paradox
086: Don’ Believe You’ll Self-Deceive
Part I:
Seeing with Fresh Eyes
087: Anchoring and Adjustment
088: Priming and Contamination
089: Do We Believe Everything We’re Told?
090: Cached Thoughts
091: The "Outside the Box" Box
092: Original Seeing
093: Stranger than History
094: The Logical Fallacy of Generalization from Fictional Evidence
095: The Virtue of Narrowness
096: How to Seem (and Be) Deep
097: We Change Our Minds Less Often Than We Think
098: Hold Off On Proposing Solutions
099: The Genetic Fallacy
Part J:
Death Spirals
100: The Affect Heuristic
101: Evaluability (and Cheap Holiday Shopping)
102: Unbounded Scales, Huge Jury Awards, and Futurism
103: The Halo Effect
104: Superhero Bias
105: Mere Messiahs
106: Affective Death Spirals
107: Resist the Happy Death Spiral
108: Uncritical Supercriticality
109: Evaporative Cooling of Group Beliefs
110: When None Dare Urge Restraint
111: The Robbers Cave Experiment
112: Every Cause Wants to Be a Cult
113: Guardians of the Truth
114: Guardians of the Gene Pool
115: Guardians of Ayn Rand
116: Two Cult Koans
117: Asch's Conformity Experiment
118: On Expressing Your Concerns
119: Lonely Dissent
120: Cultish Countercultishness
Part K:
Letting Go
121: The Importance of Saying "Oops"
122: The Crackpot Offer
123: Just Lose Hope Already
124: The Proper Use of Doubt
More coming soon...

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